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The percloud is still only a proposal. For everybody

This morning, Michel Bauwens asked if any part of my proposals for personal clouds are actually working, or if they still are just proposals. The answer is: Yes, they still are “just proposals. Here is why, and why you should still care.

The day the mobile phone took a wrong, dumb turn

A long time ago, we had really smart mobile phones:

Some percloud Questions I've already Frequently Answered

(please note that this was just the second part of this other post!)

On people offended when asked not to use Facebook, and who will die first

In December 2013 I came across something I still consider yet another proof of two things: first, much trust in the actual competence of many “digital savvy” Internet users is misplaced; second, many of the proposed alternatives to current social networks are trying to solve the wrong problem.