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Silicon Valley ran on Saudi

And likely still does. Because, innovation, of course.

Something you may have missed about ride-hailing

Especially bottom-up, COOPERATIVE ride-hailing.

Solitary ride "sharing" is bad

Real bad. And now we have (further) proofs that it is.

Breaking into the SHARING economy???

I have argued for a while, making concrete examples, that it is really ridiculous, and a sign of incompetence, to call stuff like Uber or AirBnB “sharing economy”. This week one of those examples came true.

Uber "self-driving trucks" are NOT trucks. And this means that...

Uber believes that Self-Driving Trucks will result in MORE jobs for truck drivers, not less. Why, and what does this REALLY mean?

When software turns churches from sanctuary to surveillance agents

There are the churches you do NOT want to enter if you care about digital rights, or even just privacy.