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On the meaningless reporting on COVID19

Or many other topics, of course.

All hail Open Spending, and Data

(especially Frictionless Data!)

Visualcad is how law should be visualized

Laws should be easy to SEE, and so should their EVOLUTION.

Nine european data spaces to keep an eye on

Further EU integration will happen through data. Lots of data.

Yes, Open Data will also destroy (certain) jobs. If we are lucky, that is

While I am writing this post, the third meeting of the Open Government Partnership is taking place in Rome, Italy. As you can see in the snapshot, one of the participants just tweeted: inside this building we’re talking of participation, outside people are protesting to defend their job.

"Blog Killer" law proposal reappears in Italy

(this is my own synthesis of an article just published by Italian newspaper Il Fatto Quotidiano)