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Of high-tech companies, and fablab potential in Trivandrum

Last month I visited Trivandrum for the Swatantra17 Conference. I already wrote about that event, but I saw more in Trivandrum.

Why no more new AND successful FOSS projects in the last ten years?

I’ve already reported about the main highlights of the Swatantra17 conference. Here are some more thoughts, about a very general issue, prompted by other things I heard at the same conference.

Swatantra'17: software freedom, and awareness of larger picture

A couple of weeks ago I attended the Swatantra'17 conference in Trivandrum, Kerala, and came back with a lot of food for thought.

On Digital DIY, and its place in India

A couple of weeks ago I gave a talk at the Swatantra17 conference in Trivandrum, Kerala, about “Open, Digital DIY manufacturing across countries and cultures” (here are abstract and slides) ). This is a guest post by Mrs Revathi Kollegala, social entrepreneur and collaborative economy advocate, containing her feedback to my slides.