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A new, overcomplicated step towards road safety

ISA, a.k.a. car safety made complicated. And fragile.

Blockchain in farming? It may be incompatible with...

your whole current lifestyle, basically.

Are dumb smart homes also coming to India?

One month ago I visited Trivandrum. It was a wonderful experience, in which I learned, or found confirmations of, a lot of good things about India. I also noticed one thing that made me a bit sad, though.

Unhappy the land that is in need of surgeons and firefighters. Or not?

What do young surgeons and firefighters have in common? Let’s start from a new research which found that:

Kids traveling inside cars like rockets ready to launch or human airbags

If you have reached this page is probably because you followed from Facebook the URL in the photo below and then clicked on the “English” link: