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5G is antisocial

Or so I heard. For at least five reasons.

Making the Internet Affordable to Everybody. OK. What now?

A great project that ended a few months ago did something essential, but it is also something that may hide a bigger problem.

The fix for Facebook is NOT a different PLATFORM

An article by Roger McNamee titled “How to Fix Facebook - Before it fixes us” does a great job of describing the problems created by Facebook or any other platforms working in the same way, but contradicts itself when it proposes certain kinds of regulatory fixes.

Forget Net Neutrality. Think personal clouds instead

The FCC Net Neutrality decision on Dec. 14th, 2017 (*) has rightly caused a lot of outrage, and concrete reactions, both political (e.g. petitions) and technical ones

Reason n. 0 why the Pirate Party won in Germany

The German Pirate Party just won its Fourth State Election. Looking at these news, Rick Falkvinge gives his own five reasons why “Germany, of all countries, has such breakthrough success with their Pirate Party”.

AGCOM: how many Italians realize who is its real target?

AGCOM, the Italian Communications Authority, should issue tomorrow a new set of rules to enforce online copyright protection that has, so to speak, some minor problems. Here is a synthesis of mine from some excellent articles (in Italian, see links below) by Guido Scorza, a lawyer who closely follows these issues: