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Food for thought found on Twitter about "legislation as code"

What would happen if laws were written and maybe even “executed”, that is applied, as if they were computer software code?

Smart contracts, these are not

This is just an excerpt,with some comments of a very interesting article about how little lawmakers know about technology, and software developers about laws and legal systems.

Forget blockchain. THESE are smart contracts

The blockchain is one of the two or three foundations of the business model of the century. One of its applications should be “smart contracts”. Unless another idea gets the credit it deserves.

POSS 2016, from Open Hardware to "Open divorce" (*) and formats

POSS 2016, from Open Hardware to "Open divorce" (*) and formats /img/i-enjoyed-ossparis16.jpg
I enjoyed POSS2016 in Paris

Last week, I presented the current status of the EU-funded research I am working on these days, that is DiDIY (Digital DIY), at the Paris Open Source Summit. I have already reported about that side of the conference on the DiDIY blog, but I found many more interesting things at POSS 2016.