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How to recognize a really good ICT School Program, and why

(this page is part of the Family Guide to Digital Freedom, 2007 edition. Please do read that introduction to know more about the Guide, especially if you mean to comment this page. Thanks)

Regardless of its actual cost, sending a child to a good school is always a huge investment in the future. The relevance, inside school programs, of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), that is how to correctly use computers or telecommunications devices for fun and profit, is constantly increasing. This is a good and necessary thing, even if often it is done just to be trendy and some families are getting tired of it.

Why 'greener' computing is coming soon to Europe, part 2

(historical note: this is the second part (the first is here) of an article I wrote for IT Manager’s Journal, which published it at the URL on December 14, 2004. When I rediscovered the original text on my hard drive, on December 29, 2013, I put it back here with the original date as reference, since that whole website was closed years ago)