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Embrace Inbox Zero. Especially with Gmail

The worst your email software, the stronger YOU must be.

One more little, BIG reason why Facebook REALLY sucks

It erases YOUR memory, inside “YOUR” diary.

Gmail's new design will include a 'useless mode'

Does a new feature give Gmail users control over how emails are used? No. Not really, no (update 2018/05/06: and I found out is even worst than it seemed).

Forget Net Neutrality. Think personal clouds instead

The FCC Net Neutrality decision on Dec. 14th, 2017 (*) has rightly caused a lot of outrage, and concrete reactions, both political (e.g. petitions) and technical ones

UK Labour "closer scrutiny of algorithms" will be useless. If you are lucky

It looks like the UK Labour party will soon call for closer scrutiny of tech firms and their algorithms. If all goes well, it just won’t work, and that will the end of it. Otherwise, it will be really bad.