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What Linux "needs to target" is the PAST of its potential users

Ouch. Here goes another “Linux desktops” article that misses a crucial point:

The question nobody asked that Ghana teacher

The Internet is going wild about a Ghana teacher who is teaching how to pass a Microsoft Word examination test using only a blackboard. As far as I can tell, however, so far nobody asked him (and the Ghana government, of course) this specific question:

Why no more new AND successful FOSS projects in the last ten years?

I’ve already reported about the main highlights of the Swatantra17 conference. Here are some more thoughts, about a very general issue, prompted by other things I heard at the same conference.

Red Hat Open Source Day rewards with proprietary hardware. For the fourth time

The “Open Source Day” by Red Hat Italia is a yearly event in which the italian branch of that corporate Open Source champion:

Mastodon, or: Can Nazi use Free as in Freedom Software?

Short answer: yes, they can. Regardless of what some websites are saying. Mastodon is “an alternative to Twitter”. Mashable just wrote that: “Mastodon.. in many ways it’s like Twitter, but it is also so not like Twitter… What makes it stand out?