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Is copying entire articles on my own website fair use?

DISCLAIMER: What follows is a reformatted version of some things I posted in a Facebook discussion on this topic. I am publishing it here because it is a general interest question, for which it is important to find an answer online as simple and short as possible. I believe that what follows is also correct, but please do understand that I am not a lawyer and that, in any case, copyright law is not exactly the same in all countries (yet). So don’t bet the farm on what’s written here. If you think there are errors and have authoritative sources to prove it, you are encouraged to add corrections and details in the comments. Thank you in advance for any feedback!

When DRM on ebooks works like a bewitched, terribly broken bookshelf

Personally, I believe that copyright has a reason to exist (1) and that copying and sharing online 247 every file you can lay your hands on, “just because I can”, makes it easier to pass things like ACTA and therefore is

Mr Label's nightmare: what really, really scares him

Author’s note: I wrote the short “novel” below in… June 2004. For several reasons I didn’t immediately publish it online, then it went lost on my hard drive. I found it again only some weeks ago, and I think the basic idea is still valid, so here it is.