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Takeaway from a ridiculous YouTube copyright case

Automatic content filtering does not work. Period.

An Internet Report from ten years ago

How the Internet has changed institutions by 2020… explained in 2010.

The worst thing about that girl who designed porn banners for a living is NOT porn

Maybe you had not realized it yet, but the shady industry of porn attracts some REAL professionals. As in this case of the girl who

Is copying entire articles on my own website fair use?

DISCLAIMER: What follows is a reformatted version of some things I posted in a Facebook discussion on this topic. I am publishing it here because it is a general interest question, for which it is important to find an answer online as simple and short as possible. I believe that what follows is also correct, but please do understand that I am not a lawyer and that, in any case, copyright law is not exactly the same in all countries (yet). So don’t bet the farm on what’s written here. If you think there are errors and have authoritative sources to prove it, you are encouraged to add corrections and details in the comments. Thank you in advance for any feedback!

Does Fighting the Digital Dangers Destroy Jobs?

(this page is part of the Family Guide to Digital Freedom, 2007 edition. Please do read that introduction to know more about the Guide, especially if you mean to comment this page. Thanks)

Does Fighting the Digital Dangers Destroy Jobs?

In order to answer this question correctly it is useful to look separately at two quite different worlds. The first is the one which consists of all those who directly make a living today from the current situation. Almost all these investors, companies and workers can be divided into two large classes. One is that branch of the Information Technology industry which develops and markets proprietary software. The other is the entertainment industry, or at least that part of it which produces and redistributes movies, music and so on relying heavily on DRM and extensions of copyright as broad as possible.