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WhatsApp still struggling to catch up with the 1990s

Will that app ever live in THIS century?

Email spies you

Like it or not, email is not going away. You better know how it works.

Embrace Inbox Zero. Especially with Gmail

The worst your email software, the stronger YOU must be.

One more little, BIG reason why Facebook REALLY sucks

It erases YOUR memory, inside “YOUR” diary.

Two dumb ideas: abandoning encrypted email and using phone numbers as account names

The text below is NOT mine. But I agree with pretty much everything it says, and it says things about email, instant messaging and online identity that everybody should know, here it goes.

Gmail's new design will include a 'useless mode'

Does a new feature give Gmail users control over how emails are used? No. Not really, no (update 2018/05/06: and I found out is even worst than it seemed).