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Two dumb ideas: abandoning encrypted email and using phone numbers as account names

The text below is NOT mine. But I agree with pretty much everything it says, and it says things about email, instant messaging and online identity that everybody should know, here it goes.

Gmail's new design will include a 'useless mode'

Does a new feature give Gmail users control over how emails are used? No. Not really, no (update 2018/05/06: and I found out is even worst than it seemed).

What would United States v. Ackerman be, without AOL?

Eight years ago, I wrote that, when it comes to email, the more interesting barrier to its proper usage may be laws that only see companies and individuals, but nothing in between. A case under appeal now in the USA shows that, indeed, this may be the case.

Yahoo, or why geeks need to give ALL their friends a PERSONAL email server now

By now, you probably already know that Yahoo scanned customer emails for U.S. intelligence”, and if you haven’t you can read all the details in the previous link, or in many other places. Here, I only want to

Friendly reminder to people who still don't understand email

The ubiquitousness of no-brain-required social networks and mobile apps has made many people forget, or never learn, a boring truth of digital life: a LOT non-ephemeral online communication still happens via less glamorous, but much more effective tools like email and mailing list. This can have unintended consequences.

Thanks NSA for your great help. No, seriously!

Sometimes support comes in the most unexpected ways. Today the NSA, the super-secret spy agency that intercepts countless digital communications worldwide, greatly helped me, by providing evidence that a little project of mine is a really great idea that is sorely needed NOW.