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Never ask "Why we can't develop working voting software that works"!

Ask yourself “WHY on Earth should we do it?”, instead.

E-VOTING or... digital ELECTIONS?

The latter, of course!

Once more: online or e-voting? No. Just no

OK, let’s summarize this again.

Can secure voting exist on the Internet?

Last week I was asked this question: “If relatively secure financial transactions can exist, relatively secure voting can exist on the internet, can it not?” My answer? No. Because…

The best, shortest argument ever against online voting

Mashable has a piece asking How Close Are We to Internet Voting?. It’s an interesting piece, even if part of it falls straight into the “self-fulfilling prophecy” category, building on statements like:

Is E-Voting a solution? To which problem?

(this page is part of the Family Guide to Digital Freedom, 2007 edition and an example of the issues presented in my Digital Citizens Basics course. Please do read its introduction to know more about the Guide, especially if you mean to comment this page. Thanks)

E-voting is coming, or has already arrived, in my Country. How can I understand if it’s implemented properly, without risks of abuse? What is the right way to e-vote?

Let’s start with the real question that almost nobody asks: is e-voting necessary in the first place? Does it really makes any sense at all?