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Just refuse books that expire

You just don’t want them, for you or anybody else.

Seven years ago: outlawed by Amazon DRM

But is “outlawed” the right word?

Primo Levi explains the importance (and the absence) of ebooks in Public Libraries

67 years ago Primo Levi was deported to Auschwitz. 64 years ago he published a book about that experience titled If this is a man. 24 years ago Primo Levi died. Today Primo Levi reminded me of the absurdity of certain laws and wastes of public money, and how the technology could help culture. Today I met a high school student who, having to read If this is a man to write a report, borrowed in the closest Public Library the copy that you see in these photos.

When DRM on ebooks works like a bewitched, terribly broken bookshelf

Personally, I believe that copyright has a reason to exist (1) and that copying and sharing online 24/7 every file you can lay your hands on, “just because I can”, makes it easier to pass things like ACTA and therefore is