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Father of school shooting victim fights conspiracy theories with censorship

I sincerely apologize for the clickbait title, but sometimes you really can’t avoid them.

THIS post may be copyright infringement. Yes, THIS ONE

Yes, you read that right. This is one reason:

When news are true, but CLONED

There is fake news, that is the more or less “alternative-” facts published specifically for political propaganda, or just to make some buck. But there is also news that are true but deliberately CLONED, like animals in factory farms. Here is a real-world example from Italy (IMPORTANT UPDATE, July 17th 2018, at the bottom of the post!!)

All the absurdity of modern copyright, in ONE removal

Today’s copyright law is ridiculous and offensive, to say the least, and this week it’s Mr Roger’s Neighborhood” turn to prove it. Andrea James writes on Boing Boing that

Do you really need "IT controls" on the blueprints of your products? Probably not

Here are a couple of comments about the article “3D Printing: IP Vulnerability and Information Technology”, which are directly related to the EU research project DiDIY (Digital DIY) in which I am participating these days. In my opinion, THE most relevant paragraph of that article, the one that should receive more attention, is this:

What almost nobody is telling you about the ApplevsFBI case

What almost nobody is telling you about the ApplevsFBI case /img/applevsfbi.jpg
Screenshot source:

FBI says that Apple must help them, because nobody else can do it, to unlock the iPhone used by San Bernardino shooter. The complete story is quite more complex than this one-sentence summary, but there is **one part of it that, as far as I can see has received almost zero *attention so far ():