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From Irrigation Canals to Linux...

What is missing here?

Startups cannot die Open Source

Do you know what lawyers tell startups that die, and why?

Wanted: EUROPEAN strategy for European Digital Commons

“Currently, we Europeans have close to no control on…”

The unworkable complexity of DiEM25's data ownership vision

The road to hell is paved with licenses and convenience.

What seems missing from DiEM25's Democratisation of Technology and Innovation

Who benefits from “democratising technology and innovation”? Answer: it’s complicated.

Catholics, Free Software and Free Knowledge, again

Almost ten years ago, I wrote about Free Software’s surprising sympathy with Catholic doctrine, noting that, albeit certain statements sound _“as if they could have been written by Richard M. Stallman, founder of the Free Software Foundation (FSF), in fact, they come from the Vatican Report “Ethics in Internet” (EiI)“.