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Global Voices, Transparency and the need to understand technology

On April 27th, 2010, I assisted to a lecture from David Sasaki of Global Voices Online (GVO) about “Citizen Media and the Technology for Transparency Network (TNN)”. This is a transcript of the notes I took that night, plus a couple of general comments about Citizen Media, Transparency in Government and related topics.

Why custom documentation for Free Software is needed for vision-impaired users

(this is the second part of an interview to Tony Baechler about the usability of Free Software by vision-impaired users).

Linux, a very powerful but still almost unknown environment for vision-impaired users

Back in 2006, I wrote that the Free Software community and disabled users must learn to communicate and invited Free Software developers to do their part. Last week I interviewed Tony Baechler, an active member of the Blinux mailing list, to check how things are going in 2010, and to know more about a very interesting project for Linux vision-impaired users he’s trying to launch.

A simple exercise about online privacy

We regularly hear from prime time news or urban legends how Internet is some sort of Big Brother (the real one…) able to track and report to some more or less hidden controllers everything we do online, to the point that what was once called privacy is dead.

Linux Day: why software isn't just a matter of software

As you already know if you read the advice of a mom about why all parents should attend a Linux Day at least once in life the Italian Linux Day is a nationwide, yearly event devoted to promote the advantages of Linux and Free Software. This year I was present at the Rome edition. I tried to explain in a few minutes something which will be one of Stop! main themes and is also the central subject of both the Family Guide to Digital Freedom and of the online course of Digital Culture for parents and teachers: how and why civil rights and quality of life heavily depend on how software is used around us. The extra-short answer is that: