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Online direct democracy? No, thanks

Because the world is not what is used to be.

Is Open Data for everybody, or not?

It is a challenging and urgent task to innovate democracy…

Please change the way you think about protest

How? Learning from churches, of course.

How to make slums (or any other place) really smart

Just a few pills of evergreen wisdom from five years ago.

Once more: online or e-voting? No. Just no

OK, let’s summarize this again.

It's time for Open Data in and from (not "ABOUT"!) schools


This essay expands a proposal on Open Data in schools that I made in 2011, which requires very little, if any, funding and central authorization/coordination to be implemented. As of this writing, I know of no other proposal of the same kind, with the exception of this 2012 presentation from New Zealand. Also, I have not heard of any large scale implementation, or had occasion to do any real work on this topic. However, I am even more convinced now than in 2011 that the idea has a great potential.