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Please change the way you think about protest

How? Learning from churches, of course.

How to make slums (or any other place) really smart

Just a few pills of evergreen wisdom from five years ago.

Once more: online or e-voting? No. Just no

OK, let’s summarize this again.

It's time for Open Data in and from (not "ABOUT"!) schools


This essay expands a proposal on Open Data in schools that I made in 2011, which requires very little, if any, funding and central authorization/coordination to be implemented. As of this writing, I know of no other proposal of the same kind, with the exception of this 2012 presentation from New Zealand. Also, I have not heard of any large scale implementation, or had occasion to do any real work on this topic. However, I am even more convinced now than in 2011 that the idea has a great potential.