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my epiphany avout climate change

no, no avout it. about how to express and frame in a concise way, to push it to those who don not or cannot care about the environment, and join forces

climate change is just a symptom of how screwed we are. of how embarrassingly stupid our supposedly advanced way of living really is.

What makes it special is ONLY the fact that it is the only consequence , among many, of our ways, that ALSO impacts the system around us, burns the floor below our feet.

That is the way to go, as I already tried to say earlier

it is, again, like with free software we hace reached a plateau

ok, it is a small epiphany, and surely a conclusion that many others reached way before me. If you are one of them, please do reach out.


it is the symptom for which what I try to explain here is both cause, and potential solution: how we use digital technology

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