Here is software that should NOT exist

And it’s all your fault, because YOU let Facebook impose it.

A nice programmer just shared and explained some code to delete all your Facebook photos

Of course, it is good that it is possible to remove all your photographs from a social networkm that you want to leave. But it is really idiotic that it must be so complicated (relatively speaking, that is) to require installind and using custom software written by somebody else, not the network.

Ridiculous concessions from Facebook

Even with that software, the process of taking YOUR photographs away from Facebook is outrageous.

If you have lots of images to remove, the process takes a lot of time because… Facebook not only gives its users a painless way to do it, bu does not like those who do it themselves.

Here is software that should NOT exist /img/facebook-blocked.jpg

This is what that post means when it says, exlaining that screenshot, that:

  • “The script performs without interruption until Facebook detects it as a robot."
  • “As soon as Facebook removes the temporary block, you can run the script again and let it purge photos while you enjoy some type of drink."

Those are YOUR photos. It’s ridiculous that retrieving them must be so slow and complicated.

This is like a residence owner telling tenants that if they want to leave, they sure can take all THEIR personal belongings away… but they can only do it three at a time, and only through a hole in the wall that they must open by themselves.

Or, maybe, what is ridiculous is to tolerate such terms of usage from ANY social network.