Reclaim your face! Now


If you don’t, it will be used against you. Maybe already it is.

There is evidence that biometric mass surveillance in EU Member States and by EU agencies has already resulted in violations of EU data protection law, and unduly restricted people’s rights including their privacy, right to free speech, right to protest and not to be discriminated against. That is why you must “reclaim your face”!

Reclaim your face! Now /img/reclaim-your-face.jpg

This ongoing treat has prompted an European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) and petition to ban biometric mass surveillance practices, asking the European Commission to strictly regulate the use of biometric technologies in order to avoid undue interference with fundamental rights.

In particular, the ECI asks the Commission to prohibit, in law and in practice, indiscriminate or arbitrarily-targeted uses of biometrics which can lead to unlawful mass surveillance.

The campaign has also set up a dedicated website where it is possible to find more information about how and why biometric mass surveillance is “a vicious circle of power imbalances” and, of course, to sign the request!

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