Certain "fact checks" are nothing more than opinion

At least on Facebook, that is.

It seems that the labels attached as fact-checking classifications to articles shared on Facebook are, said Facebook lawyers, nothing but protected opinions.

Personally, I know nothing about the lawsuit in which Facebook’s (sorry, Meta’s) lawyers made such a statement. I just agree with the author of the email where I discovered this story that it is_“an interesting line of defense_. I don’t know if, as the article linked above puts it, such a position could possibly become “a looming legal disaster for Facebook”. But…

Certain "fact checks" are nothing more than opinion /img/wargames-final-message.jpg

it may be one more proof that Zuckerberg, and all of Facebook after him, have really put themselves in the same position of Prof. Falken, that is creators of something they really can’t control anymore. Assuming they ever could, or would want to control it, of course.

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