Problem with these five strategies


DRAFT. It’s their BAU assumption

Problem with these five strategies /img/electrification-of-transport.jpg

The Climate Revolution Will be Electric

The challenges

  1. On the supply side: make all electricity clean… . End burning fossil fuels for energy.
  2. On the demand side: electrify everything you can.
  3. Stop investing in committed emissions. Every time we retire a fossil fuel-burning machine, we need to replace it with a decarbonized one. Power plants, cars, and trucks, HVAC systems, stoves, roofs, etc.
  4. [Make the all-renewable electricity sector] reliable 24/7/365.
  5. Take personal responsibility: “As citizens demand the changes we need from our elected leaders. As consumers, don’t worry about small decisions too much but get the big ones right”
  6. Corporate Responsibility.

First two are OK, third and fifth really seem to me just another greenwashed version of “The American Way Is Not Negotiable”. Look at how it is described (emphasis mine):

“Climate strategy isn’t about sacrifice or deprivation and certainly not “degrowth”. It’s about making large-scale investments right away that not only address climate but also get the country on track for stronger economic growth, better health outcomes, a cleaner environment, and a plethora of great new sustainable jobs.”

“As consumers, don’t worry about small decisions too much but get the big ones right: your next car should be electric, your next roof repair should add solar, you should turn your home into a big battery that can provide power to the grid.”

Business as usual, that is. Just unfeasible

Image source: Electrification of transport in the EU key to achieving carbon targets, (2019)

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