All you need to know about the metaverse, in two posts


Plus another one, about a movie

All you need to know about the metaverse, in two posts /img/dumb-metaverse.jpg
  • If you listen to Zuckerberg and other tech demigods, the metaverse will be… just like the Internet works today: “amazing because everything is interconnected”
  • Men in tech missed the part where cyberpunk is dystopian
  • The same men are now pushing the Metaverse just to chase a science fiction vision that never had to be justified beyond a few sentences of enticing description, because [in the novels] those men get inspiration from, “being “inside” a virtual world was never really the important part…. The point was never that cyberspace needed to look like the internet in Johnny Mnemonic. Can you imagine having to use that shit just to make a phone call?”
All you need to know about the metaverse, in two posts /img/johnny-mnemonic.jpg

And the truth is that…

Basically, the specific kind of Metaverse that is making the news these days sounds just like Libra: “[the standard way of] Silicon Valley to propose an all-encompassing international system, and base it entirely on looking out your window in Palo Alto”.

But the truth is that “for most of what we do online, sitting at a monitor and typing is going to be the most practical interface for a very long time.”

Maybe some day we will have actual, sensible needs for some Metaverse, instead of induced ones. Maybe that day will be much sooner than even the skeptics like me can imagine. But for now, all we can do is to make sure that Big Tech’s “cut of VR social networks stays as small as possible”.

Those two posts, plus the movie one

The quotes above are my own mash-up and synthesis of two brilliant posts I recommend you read in full:

Me, I can only humbly recommend to complete (or preface) those post with one by me, where I humbly point out that this Metaverse is just a three-year old movie, albeit a hopefully prophetic one.

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