Hey Google, Siri, Alexa... tell me how this ends


Another serious issue that should be settled for good. Will ANYBODY listen, this time?

Hey Google, Siri, Alexa... tell me how this ends /img/voice-assistants-spying.jpg

“Tech companies have long encouraged putting listening devices in homes and pockets… But some are growing concerned that these devices are recording even when they’re not supposed to - and they’re taking their fears to the courts.”

Last Thursday, an american judge ruled that Apple will have to continue fighting a lawsuit brought by users in federal court in California. The case is one of several that have been brought against Apple, Google and Amazon that involve allegations of violation of privacy by voice assistants.

So, if you use Google, Alexa, Siri, or anything like that…

Trust me: you DO want to read more details about those lawsuits here, here, or here.

Before doing that, for fun if nothing else, read what happened in 2018 if you asked Google, Siri and Alexa if they were spying, and then try the same thing today.

Image source: What Happens When You Ask Alexa, Google & Siri If They’re Spying On You (video)

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