Digital murder? We knew it was coming


Don’t say you were not warned.

Digital murder? We knew it was coming /img/spouse-pretty-revenge.jpg

A new form of murder has arisen in our digital age, and as long as it is done right, the perpetrator is not charged with any crime. They only have to live with their own conscience, or more aptly, their lack thereof.

Instead of picking up a knife or a gun to seek retribution, people now choose the Internet as their weapon of choice. From a simple rant on YouTube to a custom website, scorned spouses resort not to the courts, but to their computer.

There is clearly an increasing trend: former or even present spouses can be vicious and many will digitally kill their ex.


Exactly ten years ago. That was the situation described on September 20th, 2011, in “The Digital Murder of Your Ex”. Go read that post, and compare it with the present.

Image source: 20 Ridiculously Petty Revenges That They Extracted on Their Spouse

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