You want a Stolp in every restaurant


And every home too.

I just found out the accessory that all restaurants should put on their tables when they reopen. It’s the “Stolp”, which promises to give back to patrons 100% stress-free, 100% good mannered meals by putting them _“100% offline with one simple ritual”:

You want a Stolp in every restaurant /img/stolp.jpg

Yes, the Stolp is just that: a box, that can cover up to six phones, blocking any radio signal to or from them, thus delivering “voilĂ : no more pings, rings or incoming notifications”.

Why limit it to restaurants? Build your home Stolps, already!

One of the quotes promoting the Stolp says “Even my teenage daughter who can’t stop looking at Instagram said that Stolp is a great idea and loves using it during family dinners.” In an ideal world, parenting should not need to buy more gadgets to teach children something as basic as “smartphones do not belong to family dinners” (or most dinners, for that matter). But since we do not live in an ideal world, and Stolps are easy to build…

Parents, do try this at home! Search how “Faraday cages” work, because that is just what Stolps are, and build your owns for your kitchen or living room tables. Just be sure to:

  1. make them fully recyclable, without NFC tags or other funny stuff, and
  2. when you are done, please email or tweet me some pictures, so I can make another post with them!
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