Poor in Tech, and why it is important


Here is a post (not mine) that you MUST read.

Meg Elison knew she was the only POOR person at her tech startup because, among many other things:

Poor in Tech, and why it is important /img/poor-in-tech.jpg
  • they always ordered extra catered lunches, and at the end of the week someone would just throw them away if she didn’t take them home.
  • she thought her coworker was kidding when he said he was spending the three-day weekend in Greece, but when she finished laughing, four people recommended hotels
  • she was the only person who would say hello to the cleaning lady as she meekly made her rounds around us when we worked late
  • everyone’s hobby talk was incomprehensible to me [except that it required] money. Money. Money.
  • [everyone acted like] “Why would any employee steal, when everyone clearly has enough? What even is scarcity?… Why eat like there will never be enough, when there has always been more than enough?”

Why I am telling you this? Easy

Meg’s list of proofs that “she was the only poor in tech” goes on and on and on. READ IT!

And here is why I am telling everybody to do so: because people so unhinged from the reality of everybody else can hardly invent something that solves real, serious existing problems. Yet, it’s them who are hailed as the champions of “innovation”.

Sure, we need visionaries and exceptional individuals to advance society. But maybe not right now. Not of that kind at least.

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