A primer on digital land grabbing

THIS stuff should be studied in schools.

A primer on digital land grabbing /img/digital-land-grabbing-infographic-sample.jpg

“Digital land registries containing information about land and other natural resources are becoming the new “birth certificates” for rural properties. They are also becoming a condition for defining property rights in land regularisation processes."

In my opinion, this trend is partly good, partly unavoidable, at this point in time. But for the same reasons it is crucial to understand how digital technology can be used for land grabbing, and already is. A great resource for this is is the infographic just published by Grain.org, in which they expose “the elaborate labyrinths through which corporations (with the support of international institutions such as the World Bank) grab land using these new technologies”, to the detriment of “peasant and indigenous communities” who, all too often, end up with no other choice than migrate from the lands they were evicted from, to the countries that provided the technology to evict them.

So go to download the full infographic, the attached report, and then share it as much as you can.