Finally, a real laptop that makes sense


What if everybody could buy a laptop and…

“Think about this. What if, you buy a laptop today and can simply swap and upgrade hardware components when needed and use that device for decades. Sound interesting isn’t it?”

It’s not interesting, it’s wonderful!

The paragraph above is the opening block of an announcement of a laptop that should be available in summer 2021 and “Brings Hardware Upgrade to a New Level”:

Finally, a real laptop that makes sense /img/framework-laptop.jpg

Today, even high-end laptops tend to gets slower after a few years, and are deliberately built in ways that strongly limits (when it doesn’t just REJECT it) both repairability and upgrades of single components.

This laptop by Framework, instead, is “super-modular, repairable with very easy DIY steps, and designed to run for decades by replacing/upgrading parts”. You can easily swap the motherboard, display units, keyboard, and other accessories without worrying too much.

Even ports are modular!

Since even ports, that is communication standards, change every few years, the Framework laptop has “small modular port blocks which you can just remove and plug-in separately whenever you want and forget about too many wires and adapters. How cool is that?”

Finally, a real laptop that makes sense /img/framework-laptop-ports.png

The first generation of port expansion modules should cover USB-A, HDMI, Display Port and MicroSD, but more are in the timeline.

Maybe not THE main laptop of the future, but great anyway!

I have a feeling that the real “laptop” of the future could be something like this, that is not a laptop, but a different way to use minicomputers. But a “real”, traditional laptop like that would be wonderful, no doubts about it. There can never be enough praises for modular, “good enough” computing.

Indeed, it is a pity that we have to call wonderful products like this, that should have been the banal default for many years now. The disappearance of sensible batteries from laptops is only one of the idiocies that Framework would fight. And it may not even need a pricey monitor, if paired with REALLY smart glasses. I really hope this becomes the standard.

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