Check out this batteries kickstarter!


Check it out, and let’s hope it “opens”.

Kickstarter, as you may already know, is an online funding platform for creative projects. Many “kickstarters”, that is projects asking for funding, are false solutions to false, “First World” problems. Funding requests for, just to stay on the subject, stuff like this, that is. Some aren’t, and I think I just found one of them. Support them if you can.

FreeEnergy. High-sounding name for something really needed

FreeEnergy is “a duo of an entrepreneur and an electrical engineer, veterans in their respective fields for many years”, and this is the idea they placed on Kickstarter:

Check out this batteries kickstarter! /img/usb-rechargeable-batteries.jpg

“Rechargeable Lithium Polymer (Li-Po) batteries with a USB-C rechargeable connection, usable while charging.”

This is great not only because helps to diminish the production of disposable batteries (they also claim that “after their lifetime, these Lithium Polymer batteries are 100% recyclable).

This is even more great because it keeps alive, away from landfills, many millions of devices that could still work perfectly for years, by making them as quick and easy to “recharge”, anywhere, as any smartphone. It is, that is, one more reason to not replace those perfectly working devices with their fanciest, but often pointless contemporary successors, just because they have a USB-c port.

If those batteries work as advertised… the only thing missing in them may be making the technology immediately available under an Open Source, patent-free license. If I had enough money, I would pay for that. The world, starting from developing countries, sorely needs less waste of money and raw matters, and more common sense. Even with batteries. There already is too much battery dumbness around, from laptops to “smart” phones.

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