Please promote ODF with these posters!

You really have no more excuse to not use and PROMOTE ODF.

Thanks Ade Malsasa Akbar for making freely available some educational posters that promote the OpenDocument office file formats (ODF).

Please promote ODF with these posters! /img/opendocumentformat-h.jpg

The posters, available at high resolution in several shapes, have been made to “spread the ODT - ODS - ODP [formats] to all people in all countries”, in order to encourage everybody to “change their habits of saving as DOC - XLS - PPT formats [because the] ODT - ODS - ODP formats are better”.

I hearthily second Mr. Akbar’s invitation to “place these posters in your schools, offices, websites, blogs, social media, and other places”. Why? Well, for a thousands good reasons, starting from these: