The first thing to know about Artificial Intelligence? Its myths


Of course. What else?

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic, says Clarke’s third law. And every technology that promises to completely change the world alone is, almost certainly, full of hype and myths. Artificial Intelligence is a perfect example of both these truths.

Therefore, I am happy to devote today’s post to introduce, and recommend, a website specifically devoted to Artificial Intelligence Myths. The main categories of myths that is covered are shown in this clickable graphic on the home page, and they make much sense to me:

The first thing to know about Artificial Intelligence? Its myths /img/ai-myths.jpg

I also like that there are (for the moment, at least) only eight categories of Myths, grouped in four couples: Representation, Definition, Governance, and Usage.

The purpose of the website is to “explore how these ideas appear in the media, and point you towards high quality resources for further reading.” If you have followed even occasionally my posts on Artificial Intelligence, you already know that there can never be enough resources to dispel misconception, hype and pure bull**it about these topics.

What else can I say? Go read AI Myths, of course!

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