The wastefulness of wireless


Wireless CHARGING, that is.

The wastefulness of wireless /img/wasteful-wireless-charging.jpg

Here is an ultra-quick summary of why wireless charging is “A colossal waste of energy”:

“For the privilege of being extra lazy, users of wireless charging expend up to 47 percent more energy to charge their phones, something that if widely adopted would require dozens of new power plants across the globe to accommodate.”

Everything wireless seems like magic, and it is essentially sold as magic. It’s also sold as freedom, freedom from those pesky cords that limit where you can use your electronic devices. But the freedom is illusory. “

“We are simply shackling ourselves ever more tightly to an addictive device that is contributing to an unsustainable fossil fueled way of life which is bound to crumble dramatically if we do not alter course.”

The most important part of that post, if nothing else as food for thought about an equally advanced, but much more rational world, is this sentence:

“maybe we should consider returning to wired connections as much as possible.

To understand why I think so, and invite you to read that whole post and its references, see the appalling idiocy of “modern”, “smart” phones.

Image source: thumbnails of some of my posts of the stupidity around chargers and batteries for mobile devices.

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