More news from CloudHaven

More interesting news from your “Sovereign Home in the Cloud”.

Back in March, I presented the CloudHaven project, and why I find it promising: in short, CloudHaven is a vendor-neutral, common “user platform”, whose goal is to give all its users a “Sovereign home in the Cloud” by creating a user-centric Internet.

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Some weeks ago Rich J. Vann, the project leader, posted some more news about CloudHaven that are worth sharing. Here are the main point, please read the original post for more details:

Multiple email systems, Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, Slack, Twitter, Discord, Signal, Telegram, Messages, Loomio, Zoom, Jitsi, Google Meet, etc…

Having so many apps defeats the main requirement for communication, the network - if someone isn’t in your “network” you can’t communicate with them no matter how feature-rich or user friendly a particular app is. This could be called an “anti-network effect”.

[This ONLY happens because each of those services] is owned by a venture-backed capitalist organization with… a DUTY to compete with other apps, when what would be needed to give people the widest and smoothest communication network is the opposite, that is cooperation and interoperability.

CloudHaven can offer such a vendor-neutral, universal platform, but it can also give users the ability to communicate with the User Interface and User eXperience (UI/UX) model of their preference.

[In this way] The center of focus is shifted from each application to CloudHaven giving each user their own, functional “home in the cloud”.

And here is, again, WHY I am publishing this

I am interested in CloudHaven because it may be a concrete way to implement my own PerCloud (permanent/personal cloud) proposal. To know what I am talking about, please read these posts and slideshows:

To support PerCloud advocacy and the rest of my work please read here.

(This post was drafted in August 2020, but only put online later, because… my coronavirus reports, of course