Here is a NICE electronic design service!


What is 1-click BOM, and why it is important.

Here is a NICE electronic design service! /img/flypi.jpg
CAPTION: Thanks to Kitspace, you may quickly have the BOM for this board and all the other parts components needed to build a 3D-printable microscope for diagnostic and scientific experiments

A Bill of Materials, or BOM, is the complete list of “raw materials, components, and instructions required to construct, manufacture, or repair a product or service.”.

Some objects are simple enough that they can be manufactured, or repaired, without ever having a real BOM. These days, however, our lives, job opportunities and education depend on electronic devices that simply cannot exist without a proper BOM.

Writing a good BOM, and having access to it, is essential for anybody who wants to engage, even occasionally, in electronics design and maitenances, for whatever purpose. This is why Kitspace important.

Kitspace is “a place to share ready-to-order electronics designs. They automate parts purchasing so you can focus on building.”

Their “BOM Builder” online service allows you to automatically find in-stock components and alternatives across distributors and lets you add entire bill of materials directly to shopping carts by connecting up to Kitspace’s “1-click BOM”.

The latter would be a “a browser extension that fills your shopping carts for you”, on online stores selling electronic components:

Here is a NICE electronic design service! /img/demo.gif

Kitspace says that, in their experience, 1-click BOM can cut the purchasing time down from a few hours to a few minutes, but I don’t think this conveys how useful the service can be.

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