Anxiety rules...

but most of it is NOT Coronavirus' fault.

Anxiety rules... /img/anxious-family.jpg

Did you know that (from “The Most Anxious Generation” ):

  • Statistics [about high] levels of anxiety amongst millennials and generation Z were widespread even before COVID19
  • (probably some of it is overdiagnosis, but) one in five adolescents experience a serious mental health disorder, such as depression, anxiety, or hyperactivity, at some point in their lives
  • in 2019, millennials were seeing their physical and mental health decline at a faster rate as they age compared to the preceding Generation X

Also, please don’t forget in these anxious months that:

Coronavirus has only made worse a situation that already was unsustainable. Please never forget this, now, and above all when this mess is over.

(This post was drafted in June 2020, but only put online in August, because… my coronavirus reports, of course)