In praise of Appropedia

If you had never heard of Appropedia before, you really missed something.

In praise of Appropedia /img/appropedia-projects.jpg

Appropedia (*) is a Wikipedia-like portal specifically devoted to real innovation with appropriate technology. Appropedia collects and explains resources, products and projects about appropriate tech for construction, energy, food and agriculture, health and medical devices, water and transport systems.

In addition to its permanent mission, Appropedia has been providing open source information for resource strapped settings and pandemic responses for over 13 years, and this year it develops and shares resources related to the COVID-19 pandemic:

In praise of Appropedia /img/appropedia-covid19.jpg

The last section is particularly relevant in these times. The resource it provides go from lists of collaborative COVID19 initiatives by fablabs worldwide to essays on pandemics and related disaster-preparedness.

Appropedia shows the kind of innovation we need the most these days. You will never find embarrassments like this or this there. Please support Appropedia if you can.

() post written in March 2020, put online in August 2020 because of… COVID19, of course*