It's a crucial time for charting Europe's future


And you WANT to check what the European Union is doing now.

First, a Public Service Announcement (*):

In these days EU leaders meet to decide on the EU’s budget for 2021 to 2027. The EU’s long-term budget is key for ensuring a Europe that delivers what we expect, while preserving funding for priorities such as border protection or the Erasmus+ programme. In addition we need sufficient funding for ambitious initiatives to ensure growth, jobs and social equality.

It's a crucial time for charting Europe's future /img/en_mff-eu-budget-explained.jpg

The European Union budget affects the daily lives of everyone living in Europe. That is why you as part of YOUR community can play an key role in raising awareness about the difference it makes.

To make it easier for you to share information, the website “What Europe does for me” shows “how the EU measures and investments affect your region and the topics you care about”.

It's a crucial time for charting Europe's future /img/what-eu-does-for-me-in-lazio.jpg

Check out your own city - you might be surprised how the EU is making a difference in your region. From the environment to small businesses, the EU is investing in a variety of initiatives that benefit all of us. very likely, you will find something that has to do with your work, hobbies or family situation.

Then, my own little wishes, and suggestions:

  • sharing information is great. But please, EU, share as much as you can on that portal as real Open Data
  • nowadays the very concepts of growth, and even of jobs on some levels, and their value are, let’s say… not what they used to be. It will be important to see what and how EU will do to redefine them for all of us
  • as far as I am concerned, it will be especially important to monitor how the EU will spend our money in areas like artificial intelligence, 5G networks and the Internet of Things: please browse those links, to be prepared to evaluate “what Europe does for you” in the most objective way!

() The first paragraph of this post is my own rewriting of a message I received through some mailing list, and then… canceled by mistake. Once I find what mailing list it was, I’ll add credit here*

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