BuckyBox: food delivery as it should be?


Here is a venture that you should probably support. Or reuse.

BuckyBox: food delivery as it should be? /img/buckybox.jpg

I only discovered now Bucky Box, whose purpose is to “make it easy to run a successful local food delivery business”. This is how they present themselves:

“Since 2012 Bucky Box has powered all manner of local food deliveries including vegetable box schemes, artisan breadmakers, community supported agriculture farming, food co-operatives, and recipe bag subscriptions.”

And here are the main reason why I like their proposal, from least to most important:

  • multi-language
  • flexibility: see the “all manner of local food delivery” above. This is hugely important, least all the world becomes some half-baked copy of US peripheries, that sooner or later becomes culturally, economically or environmentally unsustainable
  • (since 2015) the software is open source: this should make it easy to keep the service and network up and running if, for whatever reason, the current Buckybox company disappears

Unfortunately, I also discovered that Bucky Box went in reduced service mode in July 2018, and even that reduced service may stop at the end of 2020. From what I can read on their website, Bucky Box seems a well thought match, and a necessary one, between digital tech and community supported agriculture. It is not the only service of this type around, of course, but again their approach seems one that is actually needed. So, please consider using Bucky Box! Or at least, since it is open source, have a look at it, and keep it in mind if you ever want to start the same or a similar service some day. Waste is always bad, be it of food or software!

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