Another "switch to Linux" piece that misses the point


If you want to avoid Windows 10…

Another "switch to Linux" piece that misses the point /img/keep-calm-and-switch-to-linux.jpg

… here’s how to finally make the switch to Linux and install apps, says this piece. Or not?

That article explains, in this order, how to:

  • Choose Your Distribution
  • Create Your Installation Drive
  • Install Linux on Your PC
  • Get Acquainted With Linux and Install Some Apps
  • Install and Uninstall Apps
  • Update Apps

All correct, all useless

From a strictly technical point of view, there is really nothing wrong with that article. My only observation at that level is… why “apps”? What’s wrong with “programs” or “applications”? This is about serious stuff, not portable gadgets. But never mind, that is not the reason for this post.

For the record, I also agree with the choice of Mint as Linux distribution of reference, for the same reasons of the author:

“not my personal distro of choice, but it’s great for new Windows migrants, and it’s easier to explore other distros once you’ve nailed down the basics on a beginner-friendly system.”

The problem with that article…

Is not what it says. It is what it does not say. In that article there is not even one mention of file formats. It is a repetition of what I called, almost twenty years ago now, the “migration mistake”, and described with these words:

“Windows users (especially corporate ones) don’t stick with Windows because they can’t stand different interfaces, but because they have a really hard time converting terabytes of documents in proprietary formats. This is the real problem.”

This was the situation in 2002, and it still is too often the case in 2020. Even more, probably, with 18 years more of files born locked into proprietary formats. But there is still too much promotion of Linux in the wrong way. Unfortunately, the same happens with LibreOffice.

Image source: “10 Reasons Why You Should Switch To Linux”

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