The real problem with smart package delivery systems


is the same thing that makes them so popular.

The real problem with smart package delivery systems /img/too-many-packages.jpg

In New York City, the average 200-unit building receives 70 packages a day and it can take 12 to 20 hours for residents to pick them up: “Next thing you know, there’s a hundred unclaimed boxes”.

Unsurprisingly, many buildings in New York have responded by going high tech: “Locker systems with real-time notifications, lobby screens showing “package” emojis for each apartment and front door systems that allow residents to let delivery people into their homes remotely are helping New Yorkers take back their hallways - and get their stuff on time.”

What about the packages VOLUME, and complete COSTS?

With systems like those “We come home from work, and there our gifts are, as if magicked into being”.

The cost of that magic, however, is to preserve, if not increase even more:

Home delivery has a place in the world, of course. But maybe it should be the exception. Especially fast home delivery. The smartest, really smart delivery systems may be the ones based on:


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