Huh? 6G? 6G, already?


What are we going to do with 5G then?

Huh? 6G? 6G, already? /img/6g.jpg

We’re not even using 5G yet, and already 6G (sixth-generation wireless) is in the news.

The power of 6G

Working in conjunction with Artificial Intelligence, 6G will (quoting from here) “have big implications [in areas] such as”:

  • autonomously determine where data storage, processing and sharing to occur in telecom networks
  • support 1 terabyte per second (Tbps) speeds
  • have big implications for many government and industry solutions in public safety and critical asset protection such as these six:
  1. Threat detection
  2. Health monitoring
  3. Feature and facial recognition
  4. Decision making (in areas like law enforcement and social credit systems)
  5. Air quality measurements
  6. Gas and toxicity sensing

Last but not least, 6G is expected to launch commercially in 2030.

In case you missed it…

You just read that a new, surely very expensive network, providing solutions half of which are the wet dream of any police state, will start hitting global markets only six years after the estimated moment when 5G “could cover to 65 percent of the world’s population”.

Sixth generation surveillance, coming soon to a still under construction, probably still unpaid 5G network near you. Yay! If this doesn’t make sense, what does?

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