Software polarizes everything. Even sex

It would explain lots of things,wouldn’t it?

Young people make LESS sex today

Software polarizes everything. Even sex /img/digital-natives-no-sex-thanks.jpg

NO, they make MORE sex. And more extreme too

Software polarizes everything. Even sex /img/millennials-sex.jpg

(sometimes just online, or often STARTING from there)

More or less sex? Both, probably

My bookmarks contain many more entries of both types above. Plus entries that prove that BOTH views are crap, of course. Where, and what is the truth? My guess is that the truth is in both extremes.

No certainties here, just an hypothesis on which your feedback is very welcome!

We do know for sure, at this point, that software and other digital technologies (meaning smartphones, social networks, and everything in between) highly polarize both politics and the job market.

My unscientific guess is that those digital technologies are doing exactly the same thing in the sexual sphere. In any age there have been people practicing wild, unrestrained “free sex” as wells as others practicing total abstinence. Once upon a time, maybe those two groups were (relatively) small extremes, with a large, heterogeneous “middle” in between. Maybe sexual activity went from one extreme to another much more gradually. Today, instead, software has destroyed the “middle”, pushing the majority of young people at one of the two extremes. What do you think?

Sex education?

Sure. Just don’t expect too much of it, if done always in the same ways: