2019 is the worst smartphone year ever. Or the BEST?


It’s complicated. Not.

The main reason why 2019 is the worst smartphone year ever would be that all new or announced models:

  • lack significant innovation compared to 2018, look dull, downright ugly… And cost $1000 or more
  • are specced,ridiculously overpowered upgrades from the previous year, entirely meaningless in real-world use

It’s so bad that it’s good!

2019 is the worst smartphone year ever. Or the BEST? /img/flying-carpet-phone-cover.jpg

As far as I am concerned, I would not pay $1000 for a smartphone unless (at least) it doubled as flying carpet. This said, I do not follow the smartphone market enough to object to any of those complaints. But I do find half funny, half reassuring, that that article comes almost exactly one year after another one complaining because “2018 was Going to be a Smartphone Year to Forget”.

If the smartphone offer has been so depressingly bad two years in a row, this means that, at last, 2019 may be the year to Do The Right Thing. The year when we can all…

just stick to the smartphones we already own, until they physically fall apart, and focus on real innovation

Heck, today’s smartphones aren’t even really good for traveling! Why buy more of the same, instead of waiting for something really worth an upgrade?

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