The biggest mistake that more and more websites do


is to not put front and center their RSS feeds.

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is an open standard that websites can use to notify all their “followers” of new content, without any intermediary.

For end users, RSS feeds are a “HUGE timesaver”, without any of the productivity-killing, anxiety, privacy violation and censorship issues that plague current social networks.

The next paragraph of this post is an actual email I sent yesterday to the webmaster of a website that does not publishes its RSS feed. The following one explains why you should care too.

RSS feeds are supported by almost every website management system in existence, and remain the best way to receive notifications of new web content without all the limitations and privacy problems of social networks. But I cannot find one on [website address]. Is this really the case? Please let me know, I want to follow what you publish!

FOMO, anyone? Try RSS!

The biggest mistake that more and more websites do /img/one-does-not-simply-overcome-fomo.jpg
Not without RSS, that is!

FOMO is the “Fear of Missing Out”. The article about 7 Memes that Show the Power of FOMO, which is the source of the images in this post, defines FOMO as “the fear that your friends are having more fun than you, buying better products than you and generally living a better life than you”.

This other article, instead, explains “how to efficiently keep track of a journalism beat” with RSS. But news are not the only reason why ignoring RSS is very BAD for you. The places where FOMO hits you ardest are social media, because today’s social media need to lock you into FOMO to make money. But with RSS you could also get all notifications from all your social accounts in one window, only when you feel like reading them. Why don’t you demand that Facebook &C give you that possibility?

RSS Policy Reminder for ALL lawmakers worldwide:

Instead of wasting time with “breaking up Facebook”, you really should:

  • mandate that every website has a visible RSS feed
  • promote “RSS awareness” campaigns in schools and universities
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