Here is another IoT article that completely ignores...

…a couple of minor issues that may make IoT as advertised fall apart before it gets even halfway along the road.

Here is another IoT article that completely ignores... /img/iot-toilet-paper.png
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I’m talking of the piece titled “What can the Internet of Things do for you”. Overall, the whole piece sounds like the ones in the 80s and 90s that said the “paperless office” was coming RealSoonNow, and how good that would be. But its main limit is to be just one more of those endless Internet of Things commercials that only looks at security and safety, as it is evident from this quote:

“While the benefits might sound tempting enough, the nascent field has yet to discover a way to ensure that it can protect the data it creates and uses”

But looks at these other scenarios, presented without looking at all beyond security and safety:

“In addition to appliances, items like watches and glasses may also become a part of the internet of things…"

Not the slightest mention that it may be economically or physically impossible to get enough raw materials to fill the world of affordable “smart” watches and glasses. Or that doing so would add to that same world some mountain ridges of highly polluting, impossible to recycle stuff. For more of the same, and what that means for the job market, continue reading here. If you’d like me speaking or otherwise working on these topics, write to, or see below how to support my work.