Some important, appropriate digital developments across Africa


This is “just” a short list of some digital communities and projects for sustainability and social development in Africa that I think everybody should know. I aim to follow this field much more regularly from now on.

Some important, appropriate digital developments across Africa /img/gulf-of-guinea.jpg

E-agriculture: How ICT is taking farming into the future

e-agriculture and farming in smart rural Sudan? continue reading…

We can do by ourselves, thank you very much

(and much better than what we may do with your help)

Architect and anthropologist Sename Koffi Agbodjinou. is doing a great job in his native country, Togo. When he came back after graduating in France, Sename decided to hack cities, mainly with a lab/project called “Hubcite Africaine”: every participant must develop an idea to change a two km circle centered just where he or she lives. To know what he is doing, read here or this other article, Italian only where I first discovered his work.

How can digital technology help transform Africa’s food system?

“There’s no question that agriculture is fundamental for poverty reduction, economic growth and environment sustainability in Africa. The African food market continues to grow. It is estimated that African food markets will triple to US$1 trillion from its current US$300 billion..” continue reading…

FarmBiz Africa is Kenya’s premier farming website. It was started six years ago and has in the period secured the endearment of thousands of Kenyan youth, working on poultry, aquaponics and more. continue reading…

The Internet of Things: Making Smart Farms in Africa

“Kenya has 15 million small-scale farmers who contribute hugely to the country?s GDP but we are still investing on food security… It is expected that future farmers will benefit from diverse data collected from as many platforms as possible - from satellite, farm sensors, marketing, internet and cloud, and delivered on a single platform such as a mobile phone application.” continue reading…

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