Why I share OLD bookmarks


This month, I started sharing lots of OLD (5 or more years old) web pages. Yesterday, I discovered why.

Why I share OLD bookmarks /img/why-i-reshare-old-stuff.jpg
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More exactly, I started sharing some of the bookmarks I have accumulated here in more than twenty years of Web surfing.

I started doing it simply because I feel that the Web is great, but locks us too much into the present. But if we remember what happened, or what certain things looked like just a few years ago, it is much easier to make informed decisions, or at least more civil debates, about current problems.

But after just a couple of days of this “memory-sharing” I found this wonderful piece about “The problem with REAL news” which explains even better than I myself originally had in mind why it is a good idea. Here are the points relevant to my sharing, but read the whole piece, it is golden:

  • News in its traditional forms is the problem with journalism. Currently, news is all about… current events.
  • Almost everything that’s news must be something that has just now taken place. But the most recent thing isn’t by definition the most influential one.
  • Not only does this skew our view of other human beings, news also makes us blind to the influential that is not exceptional at all.
  • The problem isn’t liberal bias, it’s recency bias
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